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Globelite - Connecting world class is an exclusive online network that connects highly-demanding people through personal and professional relationships. Our members use Globelite to share and discuss face-to-face relevant information, to find and offer opportunities as well as to interact with one another.

To keep it short: Discover Globelite by yourself, meet world class people and customize your networking.

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"Actually, Globelite is a great place to be. Here I can meet and communicate with other like-minded people from my business. 24x7 access allows me to share ideas, ask for and give advice, stay in touch or simply chat with my peers -- anytime, anywhere, no plane ticket necessary. Globalite provides one platform that is always open and helps people succeed in today's global economy."

R. Nikolic, SAP AG

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Globelite supporter
Globelite is giving a free life-time membership to supporters, i.e. all members who have at least 15 contacts until 1. March 2009. So go ahead, get your free life-time membership and  ...

Welcome Miss World Japan 2005
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CC! and Globelite
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